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1. Can a new worker be absent from the Department of Labour, although he has signed a contract of employment with the employer?

NEW workers are required to attend to be briefed on the the terms of the contract and sign the contract in the presence of officers from the Department of

2. Can a worker aged 15 years old of sign the contract of employment?

For workers aged 15 years and below, they are not allowed to sign a contract of employment, while workers aged 15 years and above are allowed to sign
with the terms of the consent of the parents concerned and his job is not harmful for his physical and mental being.

3. Is it required for a new worker who wanted to renew his employment contract to bring with his person the copies of X-Ray and blood test results?

A worker who needs to renew his/her employment contract must bring his/her X-Ray, Blood Test Result, passport and BUR 555 form in order to continue
his/her service for two more years.

4. What is the definition of Workmen’s Compensation?

Workmen’s Compensation includes compensation for accidents, injuries or death occurrences that are experienced by a worker when performing tasks in the
job that is paid to his/her heirs.

5. Who is eligible to receive compensation?

i.    Workers who perform manual tasks.
ii.   Workers who do not perform a manual task with wages not exceeding BND750.00 per month

6. Who is responsible for making payments?

Each employer is responsible for making the payment of compensation to their employees.

Employers include:
        •    Government
        •    Private Companies
            And Others 

7. How to claim Workmen’s Compensation?

The Act requires that if an worker is injured, the employer must make a report in writing to the Commissioner of Labour, in which:
            Accident / Injury has caused the death of the worker
            Any permanent disability or in part for a worker who cannot work for more than (3) consecutive days from getting full salary at work.


            Make sure to report your accident to your employer or supervisor as soon as possible.
            Ensure to attend to all your appointments with the Medical Officer, in order to enable them to make a claim on your injury.
            If you fail to keep your appointment with the Medical Officer, it will not only cause delays in getting compensation but these may revoke your right to
             claim for compensation.
            If you wish to leave the country after completing all your appointments with the Medical Officer, you must notify t the Commissioner of Labor or the
             employer in advance.


            You are required to take Workers Compensation Insurance (Workmen 's Insurance) for your personal protection all the time for your workers'
             compensation claim.
            If you do not do so, or fail to protect yourself with insurance, you can be prosecuted and fined with the amount of B$ 4,000.00 or IMPRISONMENT FOR 3
             MONTHS, or both fine and imprisonment.
            Be sure to report all accidents involving workers under you to the Commissioner of Labor and Insurance Company within ten (10) days from the day the
             accident occurred.
            If you fail to do so, you will be prosecuted and if found guilty of the offence, a FINE amounting to B$ 4,000.00 will be imposed.
            When the accident occurred, refer injured workers to the hospital for treatment, and you are required to pay all expenses including medical expenses.

In October 2009, a new Order has been approved (gazzette) by the Office of the Attorney General where the command is called the " Workplace Safety &
Health Order 2009”.

This Order will be the basis and reference for regulations relating to the issue of Occupational Safety and Health in the workplace. Workplace Safety and
Health Order, 2009 is the one - and only - law that will be used to control and monitor all aspects of Health and Safety in the workplace whether in the
government or the private sector institutions in Brunei Darussalam.

11. What are the documents that need to be taken by the complainant when making a complaint?

i.    Identity Card
ii.   Recent Employment Contract
iii.  Payroll slip records
iv.  Job Card / Time Card
v.   ​Worker Passport or Passport copy
vi.  Other evidence (if any)

Complainant must provide a clear, correct and honest statement, and with a disciplined behaviour when giving statement to the officer.

12. How to make a public complaint?

General Procedure for Complaint [Provide information on labour offences]:

i.    Complaints may be made either:
                 By telephone
                 By coming to The Law Enforcement Division of Labour or the Department of Labour office at nearby branches
                 Send a letter to the Law Enforcement Division or the Department of Labor office in nearby branches
                 Send an e-mail to the Law Enforcement Division, Department of Labour

ii.   The complainant must provide basic information such as the following:
                 Accurate and complete name and address of the party that is being complaint 
                 Issues to be complaint must be detailed
                 Name, address and telephone number of the complainant